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China National heavy truck

July 6, 2015


Project Details

Founded in 1930, China National Heavy Truck Group Co., Ltd. is the cradle of China’s heavy truck industry and the largest heavy truck production base in China.
In September 2018, China Heavy Truck Group ranked 182nd in the “top 500 Chinese enterprises in 2018”. In October 2018, China National Heavy Truck Group Co., Ltd. was listed on Forbes’ list of the world’s best employers in 2018. China’s top 500 manufacturing enterprises in 2019 rank 70th.


Project Specification

首次合作First cooperation 2012年
合作车型Cooperative model 神风、011轻卡和011微卡生产线


Shenfeng, 011 light truck and 011 micro truck production line

产品products 一体式点焊机、悬挂式点焊机、滑轨Integrated spot welding machine, suspended spot welding machine, slide rail
钳型type X ,C 型



名称 Name 车身body
材质 material 铝合金、碳钢Aluminum alloy, carbon steel
厚度thickness 1.2+1.2MM、1.5+1.5MM
年产量Annual output 1000万 10 Million